Memories come rain or shine

Let’s face it Melbourne is notorious for its unpredictable weather and an outdoor family photography session is an experience we all want to enjoy. While it can be tempting to wait for a warm summer breeze before  making that photography appointment don’t underestimate the uniquely beautiful backdrop each season has to offer. On a cold day our Melbourne kids look fabulous all rugged up in their gorgeous little knitted hats, warm coats and boots. Set against a willowy tree, or snuggled up in your arms, nothing is nicer than everyone looking cosy with the wind in their hair. Winter clothing can also add that element of style to a family shoot that gives it a commercial edge. Springtime is a great time for a shoot. Children love being outside amongst the blossoming trees, hearing the birds sing and watching dogs play with a spring in their step. People often think that they have to wait for Summer to organise a photography session at the beach  but Springtime daylight is softer than the harsh Summer light so it’s the perfect time for more flattering photos. Every season has its own assets and our Photographers know how to make the most of them. The perfect time of year for a family photography session is anytime you’re all there together.